Saturday, December 18, 2010

now i realize.. TRUE LOVE NEVER EXIST! i fade up with love.. I nver trust boys.. trust anybody! what i've to do is,just believe in myself.. coz i know that i won't lied to myself..! even how much they love u,nver meant that they won't lied to u.. "he" happy without me.. i know it finally.. but why u played my feeling.. but thanks for telling me this. i'm too idiot for loving u so long.. why u do so? i'm still wondering.. tell me why.. I HATE MYSELF FOR LOVING U. but i won't cry just coz of u.. coz i know,i can deserve better.. u're not the one that i need.. i wont trust u anymore,dude.. i WONT!! even how much u love me before, but u broke ur promise and i wont forgive u.. but i wont be cruel as what u've done.. i hope one days u'll realize what u've done..
and i'm sure that u'll regret with that..

missing him..


actually,i dont know what i wanna say about..i just need someone to talk and share all problem..not kind of fren,but what i meant was TRUE LOVE..anyone can tell me,where did we can get our true love? im still wondering..hmm..why they can be so cruel?? can play their own feeling..if they dont like someone,why they've to accept them and said "I LOVE YOU"..why they so easy to say that word? that such magic word was too powerful to me..but i cant trust any guys anymore..coz there's a lot of stranger who like to play with love..but actually they just want something else..there's no true love for me..yeah..i realize that we can lied them but we cant lied ourselves..i love him..but he dont realize that.and we wont be's long as he happy with his new life without me..everyone said that i can deserve better than him..yeah.maybe they're go fight for it.. new world..! i'm coming..!!